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This is a difficult time for all of us. COVID 19 has changed our lives regardless of who we are or what we professionally do. However, we have found that we can mostly rely on our loved ones and ourselves. As one of many service providers and especially in gastro industry we are directly affected not only by prohibitions and orders, but also by the overall situation and mood in society.

As our world changes, so do we. We have new perception of priorities, surroundings, responsibility for our employees.

Our restaurant was opened in February 2020 and we faced very difficult time from the very beginning. All investments, hopes, joy of prepared meals were pushed to the sidelines into the big unknown, and we do not want to give up without a fight. That’s why we decided to take few steps and one of them is to generate a Pubble voucher 2021, which is similar to the “save the pub” voucher.
Pubble is not just an ordinary pub, sports bar or restaurant, we try our best every day so that time you spend with us is a time that you will remember and share. Pubble is a special environment for all of us, from the person in charge of cleaning to the person who prepares the food with a desire to make you happy. If we don’t succeed, we listen to constructive criticism.

Every day we meet the choice whether to interrupt our hospitality, or accept challenges during this difficult time.

That’s why we think that gastronomic places like Pubble worth to be saved and protected. In order to prove this and keep it for you, we have generated a set of vouchers which resemble bonds.


That's why we decided to take few steps and one of them is to generate a Pubble voucher 2021, which is similar to the "save the pub" voucherSACE PUBBLE

You can support us by buying a voucher for 1000 CZK and 1500 CZK, and in 2021 you will be able to use it for 1500 CZK and 2000 CZK respectively.
You can buy the voucher directly when visiting Pubble or online with possibility to use it at your own discretion in any day of 2021. Besides, we are not only offering you a voucher with an increased value, but also a special certificate of gratitude and if you give us your consent, then it will be posted on the “Thank you wall”, which will be dedicated to all of you who helped us save Pubble.




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